Eiiza Dushku puts on a uniform for “Bird Dog”


Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Eliza Dushku must like gigs in law enforcement. The actress, who recently guest starred as an FBI agent on CBS’ loveable nerd comedy The Big Bang Theory, has caught herself a pilot for TNT in which she plays — wait for it — a cop.

According to Deadline.com, Dushku will star in Bird Dog as Gail McGrath, a woman with daddy issues who followed pops into New York law enforcement but has little else in common with him — until he shows up at her Pacific Northwest door as her new partner. The father-daughter team — call sign Bird Dog — must find a way to get along and fight crime together.

Anyone else having a case of déjà vu here, care of Tru Calling? Dushku was great for two seasons on Fox’s procedural where she worked in a morgue and through talking with dead people, helped prevent their murders by reliving their final days.

Most recently, Dushku tried on two seasons’ worth of personalities on Fox’s Dollhouse, where she — shocker! — kicked ass.

But what put the actress on the map was as Faith, the slayer in black leather pants that showed casting agents across Hollywood just how good she was at — wait for it — kicking ass. It’s the role that defined and made us love her. But it also seems to be the role that typecast her.

Is Dushku turning to the go-to actress for fierce female crime fighters — and edgy Slayers with attitude? While it’s nice to see actors play one specific role brilliantly, it’s also nice when they stray from the norm — a la Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter. While Dushku shouldn’t get up early for the upcoming round of Emmy nominations for her guest turn on Big Bang Theory, it was nice that she tried her hand at a comedic guesting gig.

My hope is that Bird Dog succeeds where other action-driven cop dramas before it have failed — in the dramatic part. She certainly has the action down, let’s hope the dramatic part of Mike Robe’s (Hawthorne) pilot provides Dushku with material that shows us a new side of Echo.

Dushku is excited — are you? What genre would you like to see her try next?

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