Musical episode in the works for “Grey’s Anatomy”


It almost seems like Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Shonda Rhimes is apologizing to the LGBT community for (temporarily) breaking up Callie and Arizona. According to Rhimes is planning to go where brilliant minds like Joss Whedon have gone before: A musical episode.

Shonday Rhimes

Rhimes says the episode — which she’s wanted to do since Season 1 of the medical drama — will be different than Whedon’s beloved “Once More, With Feeling” in that characters won’t randomly burst into song and instead will take advantage of cast members who are trained singers — like Sara Ramirez (Callie) and Chandra Wilson (Bailey) — as well as those who aren’t.

With Tony winner Ramirez among the cast, Rhimes said the episode is “definitely a Callie-heavy story” and that it’s still a story they would have told “whether there was singing or not.”

 Sara Ramirez and Chandra Wilson

As for the music featured, Rhimes said the episode would “take the songs that our show has made iconic and have them be sung by our cast members, as opposed to singing Broadway songs or singing some songs by a known artist. We’re simply singing songs that Grey’s Anatomy has made famous.”

While specific songs have yet to be determined, the show has featured a slew of tracks by LGBT or LGBT-friendly artists — most notably in April 2007 when Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” video was mixed with scenes from the series — in addition to featuring the out singer’s “Oh Dear,” “Before it Breaks,” “Throw it All Away” and “What Can I Say?”

With a music library that also includes a ton of Tegan and Sara tracks — “Where Does the Good Go,” “You Wouldn’t Like Me,” “Downtown,” “Not Tonight,” “Take Me Anywhere” and “Fix You Up” — plus Goldfrapp’s “Alive” and Sia’s “Never Gonna Leave Me” in addition to music from The Gossip (“Pop Goes the World”), Metric (“Blindness”) and Rachael Yamagata (“Brown Eyes”), KT Tunstall (“Suddenly I See”), Regina Spektor (“Fidelity”) and Ingrid Michaelson (“The Way I Am”), Rhimes certainly has her work ahead of her when it comes to selecting a the perfect song from a cadre of greatness.

Shonda, if you’re reading this, I’d die a happy lesbian to see Sara Ramirez tell Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” to Jessica Capshaw.

What song would you like to see Callie and company perform on the show?

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