Breaking news: Ilene Chaiken does surgery for CBS


Hope is a strange animal. Even though the prospect of another Ilene Chaiken project scares me to my very core, I want lesbian representation on network TV so badly that I can’t help hoping that, just maybe, her next show will be different.

We’re about to find out, since Chaiken has been tapped by CBS to develop an hour-long medical drama, Rhodes to Recovery.

The show features an openly lesbian trauma surgeon (is that you, Shane?) with a new colleague — a straight male neurosurgeon. According to Variety, “Their lives at work — and at home — become complicated when one stars dating the other’s ex-wife.”

No hint on which is which, but with Chaiken involved, I’m sure both characters will have their rolls in the hay with said ex.

Chaiken is working with TV’s royal Tannenbaums, Eric and Kim, who executive produce and write Two and a Half Men (gulp). Yet, I hope.

No word on casting or other details, but you can be sure that we’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, let us know what you think. Who would you like to see as the lesbian surgeon? Do you have hope that we might get a positive lesbian surgeon role model on CBS to complement ABC’s Callie and Arizona?

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