Interview with Kayla Ferrel from “America’s Next Top Model”


AE: Congratulations! So what does your girlfriend think about all this? Was she cool with you being on the show and all? What does she think about Tokyo?

KF: Going on the show, my girlfriend was … she was really supportive, but at the same time she was like, “You better not do anything, Kayla. You better be good.” Because you know, it’s just so hard for me! No, I’m just playing. She was excited. She was happy. She missed me a lot, though. We wrote each other letters and I swear, every time I read one of her letters I would cry no matter how stupid it was. Half the time I couldn’t even understand what she was saying and I’d be, like, “Chelsey, can you read this? I don’t understand.”

AE: Was she writing in another language?

KF: [laughs] She’d be writing them when she was at work and she’d have to hurry up. I missed her a lot and I know she missed me a lot, because when I got home she was overly ecstatic and so was I. You know, we haven’t really fully talked about Tokyo. I don’t think she’d want me to move out there, but … she’d only want me to go if she could go, too.

AE: If this is where it takes you, though, you gotta give it a shot.

KF: If this is where it takes me, I’m totally going. If I have to fold her up and pack her in my suitcase, then that’s what has to be done. She’s small, she’ll fit.

AE: You said at one point that you’ve always wanted to be a model, but you didn’t get into it until high school.What is it about modeling that makes you want to do it? Because to me, it seems so brutal.

KF: It is. I think when you’re young and you have dreams, you only see the glamour in it, and you only see the “Oooh, they’re wearing cool shoes that I could never afford and they’re wearing cool clothes and they look so beautiful.” When I was a child and I was young, I always wanted to do it for the glitz and the glam aspect. But then as I got older and I started to get tall and my body decided not to put any pounds on itself, then I started getting told by others, “You should consider modeling, you’d be really good at it.” I got discovered to do a little hair show and then he told me which agencies to go to, and then I started going and knocking on doors. I’d always hear positive things, but then I’d never get another call back. So I felt like Top Model was my way to really break in and learn about the entire industry and what it’s all about, which … I definitely did.

AE: Did you really work at Hooters? Can I ask you that?

KF: You know, people always ask me that. They’re like, “You work at Hooters? Where are your boobs?”

AE: I did not mean to question your boobs.

KF: [laughs] Yeah, apparently I have an attractive face, or attractive enough to work there, so …

AE: I ask because …

KF: … because it’s a male-based kind of place?

AE: Exactly. What was that like, as a lesbian …

KF: It’s funny, though, because everybody that knows me at my job … I don’t really kiss ass like the other girls do at my job. I sit at the table — ’cause you’re supposed to sit at the table and interact with your guests, that’s part of what you’re supposed to do — but I sit and I talk about sports. I know all about the games and you know, I act like I’m one of the guys, which obviously I’m not. I mean, I’m so beautiful.

AE: [laughs] Wow, and humble!

KF: [laughs] I’m just kidding. But they just love me because they think I’m so real. The other girls always lead them on to think that they have a chance, and I don’t. They know who I am and they know I’m real and I have regulars that come in because they don’t want to have somebody sit there and kiss their ass the whole time. I have a good time there.

AE: There was a bit of a debate in the comments on our site when this all came out, about how you couldn’t really be a lesbian if you worked at Hooters because working at Hooters means you don’t respect women.

KF: [laughs] That’s funny.

AE: I think you can work there and still like girls …

KF: Exactly! I’m working with a whole bunch of girls in short shorts and tank tops. Like, what do you mean? What lesbian wouldn’t work at Hooters?

AE: Well, you know, the show is really big on our site and everyone really loves you and thinks you’re terrific. Except maybe that one person who thinks you shouldn’t work at Hooters.

KF: Wait, what’s the site?

AE: It’s only the largest lesbian website on the internet. Geez, Kayla.

KF: Shut your mouth right now. I’m super excited! I’m gonna post about it on my Facebook.

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