Interview with Kayla Ferrel from “America’s Next Top Model”


AE: You should make a video for the “It Gets Better” campaign.

KF: Yeah. I was thinking about that, honestly. My friend said that she would tape it for me and that’s cool because I’m afraid of technology, which sounds crazy, but … I just got a touch screen cell phone so I’m learning how to call people. I’m getting better.

AE: See, it does get better! Speaking of technology, we’re Facebook friends and your page is crazy. Every day it’s like, “Kayla Ferrel is friends with the entire western hemisphere and 32 other people.” It must be a strange feeling.

KF: [laughs] Yeah, I mean, Facebook … now I have so many fake accounts from people trying to be me, and I’ve had people hack my account. I have fan pages now and it’s just crazy. One of my friends who was trying to find me was actually friends with a person who was pretending to be me, and then she came across my page and she was like, hey, who is this? I said ” Wow, I haven’t seen you since elementary school, I miss you so much!” and she was like, “I was talking to you a week ago!” Uh, no you weren’t.

I don’t spend much time on Facebook because I get so many messages I can’t respond to them all. Just today I had over 109.

AE: You know, a lot of people look down on reality TV, but let’s face it even though you didn’t win, it’s really changed your life, probably for the better.

KF: Oh yeah, it did. It’s weird. Before I was, you know, nobody and now let me go into Boystown in Chicago and it’s like cake for a fat kid is walking through. It’s awesome. I just talked to Jane today and she said “Oh my God, Kayla, I went to the premiere of the Harry Potter movie and they were harassing me for autographs.” She sent me a smiley face and said AWESOME. She’d never had that happen before. Who would know that Harry Potter fans are also Top Model fans?

AE: I have to admit, Top Model wouldn’t usually be my kind of thing but I have a weakness for it. I don’t know why.

KF: It’s weird, a lot of people don’t like to admit it, but it’s their guilty little pleasure. It really is.

AE: So are you still presenting at the Grammys? That was a real prize that you won?

KF: Yup, I’m doing the Grammys on February 13, 2011.

AE: I’d be nervous already.

KF: I’m not nervous yet. I’m just excited because it’s still so far away, but talk to me in February and then maybe I’ll be pissing myself a little bit.

AE: At the elimination, the judges suggested that you get into acting. Do you think that’s something you’re going to pursue?

KF: It’s crazy — I keep getting asked that question! Before the show, no one’s ever said anything about acting to me, but then on the show I kept being told, “You would be a great actress … ” I have a lot of personality that they don’t show — I was really goofy and I did a lot of things that producers saw and they didn’t necessarily show on TV. Then in my motion editorial, Tyra said “You were just so good!” I never heard one negative comment the entire time I was doing it.  She told me herself it was crazy how I could just change from emotion to emotion so easily without a problem. Nigel [Barker] told me the same thing. I really started thinking about it, and I think it’s for me eventually in my future, but right now … I mean, geez, I just got into modeling. I gotta get into that before I try to do other things. One thing at a time, people! [laughs]

AE: Yeah, “One fabulous career at a time please, thank you.” So what’s next in terms of modeling? I know you’ve answered that question 30,000 times today, but what’s your next step?

KF: Well, I couldn’t really do anything until my episode aired. It just got over with and I’ve made a few phone calls and I’ve had one person who contacted me. I have a few meetings set up with agencies in Tokyo, which is really exciting for me because my mother is moving out there, so it’d be really nice to be with her. And models in Tokyo, that’s a big deal. They make a lot of money and it’s an awesome experience. I’d be able to go all over the world. The fact that somebody tried to call and find me — I guess they saw a YouTube video of me and my photos and they were just so blown away that they’d been trying to get a hold of me for a while. Obviously I can’t do anything for a little while, but it was such an honor. I’m going out to Tokyo December 8 to meet with these agencies, so hopefully I’ll book one.

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