“Weeds” mini-cap: Plan C



Whatever you thought of this season of Weeds, you have to admit the promos for the finale were right: you did not see this coming.

Before we get started, a few notes: First, even though a spoiler warning seems redundant for a mini-cap, here it is: spoilers ahead. Second, at the risk of alienating non-U.S. viewers yet again, I’m including several clips. I apologize in advance if you can’t view them.

In many ways, this episode felt as much like a series finale as a season finale. Each Botwin reached a defining point — and I found myself in tears more than once.

At the end of the previous episode, Nancy found Esteban and Guillermo waiting in Vaughn’s motel room; that’s where we start this week. They stuff her in the trunk with dearly departed Vaughn and, as always, Nancy screams when she sees a stiff (sorry). To shut her up, they move her to the backseat and head for the airport.

Esteban’s plan is simple: he gets Stevie back or he goes to the police with the video of Shane killing Pilar. He punctuates his intention by punching Nancy in the face. The rough stuff isn’t as much fun now, is it, Nancy?

Andy takes Silas his fake passport and plane ticket and, sure enough, Silas says he’s not going; he wants to get to know his “sperm daddy.” But he and Shane have a moment of bonding as Silas shares some inspired brotherly wisdom: “Choose to not be a d–k.” And for the first time in quite awhile, Shane responds like a kid instead of a killer.

At the airport, Andy, Stevie, Shane and Mr. Schiff take advantage of ethnic profiling to slide through security.

This scene is vintage Weeds: While the TSA pulls aside someone who “looks” like a terrorist, the real criminals (a drug dealer, a murderer and a robber) breeze through.

Nancy, Esteban and Guillermo get to the airport, but Nancy’s bloody nose attracts too much attention, so Guillermo takes her to the restroom to clean her up. A cleaning lady kicks him out, giving Nancy the chance to call Andy with directions: “Plan C.” (Not to be confused with Big C.)

Nancy manages to get away from her captors when Esteban tries to buy a ticket to “anywhere” (with no luggage) and the agent flags security. When she finds her family, her relief at seeing them is short-lived.

I think this is the point at which Nancy knows for sure that she can’t escape dealing with Esteban. And it’s the point at which Andy realizes that Nancy is not going with them. Poor Andy.

Mary-Louise Parker acts the hell out of the next few minutes as she says goodbye to Shane without really saying goodbye and watches her only real friend, Andy, get on the plane.

Shane knows something is very wrong.

For all the darkness in Shane, he’s still a boy who needs his mom.

With Stevie in hand, Nancy is contemplating her next move when Guillermo and Esteban find her. They have Silas, who decided to join the family after all. The two haven’t talked since Silas learned that Lars is his dad. Nancy shoves him toward the plane after a cutting exchange — I think she just can’t face another goodbye. Then motherhood kicks in.

Damn you, Weeds, you’re not supposed to make me cry.

I love what we see in Nancy this episode. She is operating out of pure unselfishness, with the safety of her boys her only motive. We haven’t seen much of her heart this season; nice to know it’s still working.

One more scare for the boys on the plane when law enforcement officers come aboard. Shane is sure they are there for him.

But Schiff is the droid they’re looking for — thanks to the video of him robbing the Post Office. In a nice callback, he grabs a SkyMall catalog as he’s escorted away. He asks Shane to look after his expensive travel wedge (it’s filled with cash from the robbery) and has the chance to tell Nancy that what he did was for her. You know, I think part of her still loves the old guy.

Esteban and Guillermo lead Nancy and Stevie out of the airport. Nancy talks a mile a minute, trying everything she can think of to get Esteban to soften. She even offers the one thing that usually works, much to Esteban’s disgust.

And there we have it: Plan C. Well-played, Jenji Kohan, well-played.

Kohan talked to Showtime about the finale.

Wednesday, we learned that next season likely will be the last for Weeds. Kohan, along with the major players, have contracts that end after Season 7 and Kohan told TV Guide’s Natalie Abrams that the show has had a good run and she wants to leave “on top.”

Sounds good to me. Weeds has its ups and downs, but this was a strong season and sets up very interesting Season 7 possibilities. I’d love to see a last season with no holds barred — and a truly satisfying resolution for the Botwin family.

Your turn. Did the Weeds finale surprise you? Do you expect Nancy to be in jail for a while or talk her way out of this mess, too? Let us know what you thought of Season 6 and your interest in recaps of Season 7.

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