“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Something’s Gotta Give”


Welcome to Grey’s Anatomy’s newest episode “Something’s Gotta Give” aka "Bring Arizona back from Africa!"

The show starts off with Cristina sitting on the floor (with her perfect hair) in her dilapidated firehouse filled with moving boxes. Then we see Alex is on the side of the road with his broken down car and bad attitude. Meanwhile at Seattle Grace Hospital (this show is about a hospital, right?) Teddy gives a patient presentation about Mr. Bad Lungs aka the father of Amber Benson. (Yes I noticed Amber on the show last week and I’m sorry to you Buffy fans for not making a bigger deal about her onscreen presence. It will never happen again!)

Teddy announces to the room full of doctors that Cristina has left the medical program. The doctors immediately attack Teddy with questions about Cristina’s sudden departure. (Quick, Teddy, run and hide in the cafeteria! I’m sure there is a man there to protect and make out with you). McSteamy has the most dramatic reaction to Cristina quitting and jumps out of his seat in disbelief. I didn’t know McSteamy felt that strongly about Cristina. Maybe it’s because Cristina is the only woman McSteamy hasn’t tried down to sleep with Seattle Grace. If Cristina leaves then it ruins McSteamy chance for winning Creep of the Decade!

At the presentation, McSteamy turns around and asks Meredith what she knows about Cristina’s decision to leave the program. Meredith says she hasn’t talked to Cristina (her soul mate) and yells at everyone to stop looking at her and pay attention to Teddy’s presentation.  

Derek questions Teddy’s decision to put Cristina in charge of Mr. Bad Lungs, which implies that Cristina might have not been ready to handle the case. Derek seems to blame Teddy for pushing Cristina too far too fast, which caused her to quit the program.

McSteamy needs to make it all about him so he dramatically exits the presentation and announces that he’s going to call Callie to find out what she knows about Cristina’s situation.

Seattle Grace is a weird hospital.

Callie lounges around depressed and alone in a hotel room. (Callie, tell me which hotel you’re in and room number and I’ll hop on a Southwest flight and be there in 90 minutes.) Callie’s cell phone rings and she jumps to answer it. The bright light in her eyes tells us that she’s assuming it’s Arizona on the other end but no, it’s just McSteamy. McSteamy tells Callie about Cristina quitting the program and Callie is shocked at the news too.

Back at Seattle Grace, Avery is freaking out because he thinks no one wants to work with him. Avery decides to hunt down Bailey and see if she needs assistance. April says she is working with Alex, but what she meant to say was that she’s been assigned to the new pediatrics attending that is replacing Arizona. No one can replace Arizona! Unless the new attending is also a hot lesbian which adorable dimples.

Avery knows that April likes Alex more than she should, so he tells her to be careful. Alex is the town bicycle, everyone has had a ride, so Lexie says to April, “He’s not the guy for you. Trust me.”

Callie races over to Cristina’s firehouse and finds Cristina jamming out Flashdance style. OK, tough choice: who’s hotter Jennifer Beals or Sandra Oh?

Cristina tells Callie to go away. Then she says, “What are you doing? You don’t have a job to go to. You don’t have a girlfriend telling you to go to Africa. You’re completely free. You can do whatever you want. The world is your oyster. Make lemonade.”

Callie, “I’m trying. I was going to get my hair cut today. Like make a radical change. Then I thought, maybe you shouldn’t do radical things rights after a blonde woman has ripped your heart out of your chest and stomped on it.”

Just then Cristina grabs a pair of scissor and hacks off a chunk of Callie’s hair.

Callie: What are you doing? Are you insane?

Cristina: Let’s make lemonade!

Cristina and Callie both smile at each other. Callie is lucky that she looks good with short hair. I looked terrible with short hair.

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