Great LezBritain: New Clips of Episode 6 of “Lip Service”


So the final episode of the first series of Lip Service is, sadly, nearly upon us and there are many loose ends to tie up, it seems — like who the devil is Francesca Alan and why does she only own six items of clothing? There is still no word on whether a second series will be commissioned but fingers crossed the BBC will see sense and knock it out.

To whet your appetite here are some clips from tomorrow’s episode which airs on BBC Three at 10:30 p.m.

Cat is left on her lonesome because it seems Frankie has let her down again.

Frankie’s butter fingers may have helped to unearth more clues to the truth about her past.

Cat seems to be in a quandary over which woman her heart belongs to.

Frankie opens up her darkened heart and reveals to Cat that she loves her.

We will be hosting the Lip Service finale party in Glasgow tomorrow so follow as at Twitter for live chatter and a snap or two of some familiar Lip Servant faces.

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