“Is She Really Going Out With Her?” shows off a misogynistic lesbian


Fellow gay women, gather round and maybe grab a seat and a box of Kleenex because what I’m about to show you is disturbing and will probably make you want to turn in your queer card.

MTV has been running a show called Is She Really Going Out With Him? for a few seasons now, and its premise asks the age-old (and much uttered by lesbian mouths) question: “Why is that awesome girl going out with such a d-bag?” Well, my friends, last night’s episode was entitled, “Is She Really Going Out With Her?” and the situation was even worse than that of Rose and Natalie’s on The Real L Word. The situation is so dire, in fact, the perpetrator goes by the name “Miss Ogynist.” Somebody hold me.

Our first clip introduces Alex, who does hair and generally wants to make people “feel good about themselves.” We then meet Angela, “Miss Ogynist,” her gassy girlfriend.

OK, I know that “stud” is a look but it’s really not working for her. The burping is tough because I personally know how good it feels to let go of some of that hot air and it really is better than passing wind the other way – but if you do it enough times (or if you do it once after eating a hot dog) I’m gonna slap you. Also, I’m not sure when it really became cool and gangsta and stud-like to drink out of a paper bag but the fad needs to be put to rest as soon as possible.

In the next clip, we get to hear about the rules Angela enforces in the household. Warning: You might want to punch your computer screen.

So, Angela is allowed to be disgusting while Alex plays maid, nanny, and chef? Oh hell to the no. Also, I’d like to take a poll right now to see who finds this chick attractive? Would any of you date her? Would any of your friends date her? Could you seriously bring her home to meet your pet rabbit?

Oh it gets betterr. Angela’s got her leztourage – very similar to the one Rose had. Girls, beware of ladies who have their own leztourage. Speaking of which, her crew is weak. The little one desperately needs to put the paper bag down and spend some time filling her eyebrows back in.

Now, I remember back in my single days when I was painfully awkward with the girls that I liked and my little romantic self would die inside whenever I saw girls like Angela going out with girls like Alex. How and why does this happen? Certainly in this case it’s not about looks, money or how classy Angela is – so what could it be? If anyone has any answers to this, please let me know in the comments.

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