“Coronation Street” recap: Den of Iniquity


Inside, Rosie funnels vodka down Sophie’s throat and she’s just drunk enough to not care what people think, so she pulls Sian into a searing kiss. The choir girls gawk some more and one of them fully goes, "SOPHIE!"

Rosie, again: "What? She is kissing her PARTNER. And no, she’s not doing it to turn guys on. They actually love each other and stuff."

They "love each other and stuff" some more in public and then when they’re twirling around and "loving each other and stuff" near the door, they notice their pastor standing there with a birthday gift in his hand looking like he just got walloped over the head with a cartoon frying pan.

Sally and Kevin come home not long after, and Kevin says my favorite British phrase "bang out of order!" and demands that everyone leave immediately. (And I mean, if he’s this curmudgeonly now, imagine how furious he’s going to be when baby Jack’s 16th birthday rolls around! "GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU KIDS!")

The next morning, Sophie and Sian are working off their first hangover together (aww!) while Sally shrieks and squeals and storms around pointing her foot at various stains on the carpet. They say they’ll clean it up, and Kevin pokes his head in to say, "Damn straight you’ll clean it up!" And oh! That reminds me, at the party Sally told Sophie to walk in a straight line and she said, "Mum, I’m gay; I don’t do anything straight!"

After they get everything all cleaned up, Sophie and Sian retire to the side of the road where they can talk about their feelings. Sophie is worried what their pastor is going to say after he caught them snogging and Rosie wanders up to say that he probably thought it was the best party in the world, like everyone else! Sian giggles and Sophie just looks put out. Rosie asks where’s Sophie’s gay pride and Sophie says that it’s not as simple as all that in church.

"Well, then, give up the church and start living!" Rosie says, tossing her hands out to the side in the perfect gesture of "Look at all these f-cks I do not give!"

But Sophie can’t just leave the church because it took her a long time to settle into her faith. And she’s not ready to give it up. And I’m glad. Because I think I am going to really love the upcoming storyline.

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