“Coronation Street” recap: Den of Iniquity


Actually, what they’ve wound up with is a party full of mostly choir members and some people from the street and also some of Rosie’s friends who are skating around (like on actual rollerblades) and passing out cherry-flavored (flavoured!) vodka. Some of the choir girls are sort of gawking at her — which: I love Rosie, but I might gawk at her too, a little — and so she asks what they’re looking at, and they say "nothing!" and she grabs her tits and says, "It’s called cleavage!" Then she smacks Sian’s ass as she’s walking by and goes, "You’d know all about that, wouldn’t you, darling?"

Marry me, Rosie.

Back at the pub, Sally’s bestie has changed her tune. "They’re born again Christians; the place will be like a library," she decides.


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