“Coronation Street” recap: Den of Iniquity


In the commentary of the Strangers in Paradise: Treasury Edition, Terry Moore says this really cool thing about how he wish he’d written/drawn more of Francine and Kacthoo (best lesbian couple ever; seriously, do yourself a favor and read SiP) just having fun together. That’s not really a luxury most serialized story-tellers have, really, because drama is what keeps the rope taut between you and your audience. And so that makes this week on Corrie pretty special — because Sophie and Sian are for real together now, and after all the shenanigans — public outing on a train, hobo hijinks, screeching parents, kid with a brain cloud — they’re enjoying each other.

It’s Sophie’s birthday and she and Sian have resolved to have a really small party. And by "small" they mean "each other," but Rosie convinces them to let her plan the whole thing. On the one hand, this makes me love Rosie even more than I already do (which is an unholy amount) because she rightly shakes Sophie down and finds out that the reason she’s not having a party is because she doesn’t want her relationship with Sian to be scrutinized. Rosie says that people, generally speaking, are duffers and that most of them "don’t wear bras" (I don’t know), and then she goes, "But do you know what they have that you haven’t? A big sister that’s on your side."

And let me tell you something: My sister joined PFLAG before I even came out, and so never underestimate what Rosie is saying. A sister on your side is everything.

The next morning, the Websters gather ’round to give Sophie her birthday presents. (Did I already tell you Sian is living with them? Because Sian is living with them.) Sophie’s mum and dad give her a card full of cash. Rosie literally gives her some red lingerie that doesn’t fit her anymore. (Please watch Sian’s face when Sophie opens the box. I couldn’t catch it when I was screencapping, but it is LOL FOREVER funny.) And Sian gives her a heart-shaped necklace. Sophie says it must have cost a fortune and what was Sian thinking, and Sian goes, "You."

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