“Weeds” mini-cap: Storm clouds


Busted. And I don’t mean Mary-Louise Parker, although she most certainly is.

No, this week on the penultimate episode of Weeds Season 6, a lot of things caught up with the Botwins – and it was awesome.

Last episode ended with Nancy supposedly telling her whole sordid tale to newspaper reporter Vaughn. Unfortunately for her, Vaughn knows enough of the real story to tell that she’s lying.

I’m not sure if all of the interviews we’ve seen throughout the season were Vaughn’s, but he apparently did quite a few and entered the transcripts into his computer to create “word clouds” of the most frequent adjectives used to describe the Botwins. Nancy’s top five: manipulative, sexy, tough, reckless, bitch (although, as Nancy points out, “bitch” is a noun).

Shane’s top five: creepy, weird, scary, gloomy and violent. And that’s why Vaughn believes that Shane killed Pillar. I need a program like that next time I start dating someone. Exes’ top five: crazy, insane, loony, deranged and nutty as a fruitcake.

Andy and Hooman, meanwhile, stage a terrorist-style mock killing on video to show to Daoud, who still won’t produce the passports until Andy produces a critical body part from the, um, stiff. A quick visit to the morgue yields a Dead Willy that sadly turns out to a size too large.

Fortunately, Daoud’s wife and daughter interrupt the failed transaction and the missus is quite ready to give Andy the passports — for $5,000.

Back at Mr. Schiff’s domicile, we learn what’s in the locked room: bags of undelivered mail, ready to be pillaged for cash to finance the Copenhagen trip.

Despite the scores of birthday, Christmas and Bat Mitzvah cards with $20 bills, the cash pile falls far short of enough to get plane tickets, so Schiff splits, promising to be back with the money they need. He finds it at the Post Office.

Oops. Looks like the Botwins have another fugitive to harbor.

Nancy gets money from Vaughn for her “story” and sends her minions off to get the passports and tickets while she takes a nap, leading to my favorite sequence of the season.

First, Schiff comes in with plane tickets, happily telling her that their seats are next to each other. Then Andy appears, somber and teary from his visit to the morgue, to tell Nancy his last wishes — just in case. But the most heartbreaking visit is from Silas.

Looks to me like Nancy didn’t know that Lars was Silas’ dad until that moment. But I sure hope Hunter Parrish isn’t leaving the show — his character is the only sane Botwin in the bunch.

Nancy gets a text from Vaughn as they are leaving, asking her to stop by the room to talk about some FBI information. She tells Andy to get the crew to the airport and she’ll meet them. Who she meets, however, is Esteban – he and Guillermo are waiting in Vaughn’s room. Yikes.

I think we’re in for quite a finale, don’t you? Any predictions?

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