Is “Ab Fab” coming back? Break out the Stoli!


Sweetie darlings, they’re baaaack! Everyone’s favorite professional booze hounds/fashion victims Eddie Monsoon and Patsy Stone could be reuniting. Patsy herself, Joanna Lumley, told that the cast is in talks to reprise their famous Absolutely Fabulous roles. This calls for a Stoli, babe.

The dynamic duo of Lumley and Jennifer Saunders showed us the true meaning of fabulous (and drunkenness) through five seasons, first in the 90s and then again in the early 00s. Now the ladies could be hitting the bottle again. When asked about reunion rumors, Lumley told

I’ve heard talk, too. Jon Plowman, who’s the executive producer, wrote to Jennifer, and Jen wrote to me before I left [England] and said, ‘Let’s talk through it. What do you think?’ And I said, ‘Bring it on.’ Because we’re all still here. Mother’s still alive – the wonderful June Whitfield. Julia Sawalha, Jane Horrocks – the basic five J’s – all our names began with J. We’re all still alive and available – ish – to do it, and I think we just have to do it.

Bring it on, indeed! Ab Fab set a standard for snarky, boozy humor that has yet to be surpassed. There had been talk of an American remake a few years ago that never came to fruition (thankfully, in my not-so-humble opinion). But to have all the originals back, that would be quite something. Lumley even had ideas about how to bring the plastered pair back.

…the great thing is that because in our show, we fast-forwarded to where they’re very old and nearly dead and practically plugged into vodka machines and things. It doesn’t matter how beyond [the original series] we do it because we know they’ve been that, that they still were Patsy and Edina at the time. So this makes it heaven!

Having Eddie and Patsy back? Yes, definitely heaven. Now, seriously babe, where’s that Stoli?

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