“Glee”‘s Gay “Teenage Dream” Clip Gets the Pop-Up Video Treatment!


Remember when news broke that Ryan Murphy was going to give Kurt a love interest on this season of Glee? Well, every time a new dude has been cast this year, the internet has gone wild: "This is the guy! This is the one! Kurt’s Big Gay Boyfriend!" So far we’ve all been wrong, wrong, wrong — until now.

This week’s episode, "Never Been Kissed," finds Kurt visiting (or transferring) to an all-boys school, and this guy — Blaine (played by Darren Criss) — really is the one! Kurt’s very own teenage dream!

The clip has already generated over 100 comments from our brothers at AfterElton.com, and here’s what editor in chief Michael Jensen had to say about it:

Why shouldn’t the reaction be so strong? One teenage boy singing a love song about being "valentines" not to mention putting "hands on skin tight jeans" to another teen boy is groundbreaking network television. Gay viewers of all ages have been starved for such positive gay images and this gay version of Katy Perry‘s "Teenage Dream" delivers them by the bucketload.

Like our gay brothers, we wish our high school experience had been a little more like this! And so we’ve run the clip through our Pop-up Video Translator and Subtext Decoder, so we (and Brittany!) can enjoy it just a little longer!

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