An interview with Anna Silk of “Lost Girl”


Lesbians initially met actress Anna Silk on the first season of Being Erica, which airs on both Canada’s CBC and on the Soap network in the U.S. Silk played Cassidy, Erica’s ex-girlfriend from college, in an episode in which Erica revisited the years she was a Lesbian Until Graduation. But instead of treating the lesbianism like a co-ed phase, the relationship between Cassidy and Erica was full of chemistry and a believable passion for that point in Erica’s life. And Cassidy was so popular, she was brought back for bit parts in the next two seasons, including her most recent stint on season 3.

One reason Cassidy has been MIA is that actress Anna Silk has taken on another role, one that has her wearing outfits she calls "functionally sexy." On the hit Canadian Showcase series Lost Girl, Anna plays a bisexual fae named Bo, who literally sucks the life out of bad guys with her sexual energy. She’s tired of running from the law, though, and can’t help but kill predators when she spots them, so she finally stays put for a while when she is tracked down by the fae community at large. They attempt to make her pick sides: Bad Fae vs. Good Fae, but she chooses humans, meaning she’ll always be under the watchful eye of both sides.

In the seven episodes of the show to date, Bo has had continuous tension with both good fae/detective Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and the resident doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer). Meanwhile, she’s had to fight for her life against other supernatural beings and attempt to figure out where she came from, and why she wasn’t introduced to the fae world until they tracked her down at this point in her life.

Anna Silk plays the toughand intelligent succubus with just the right amount of sexual energy that keeps fans of all sexualities interested in her next move,whatever that may be.

Now living in Los Angeles, Anna took the time to speak with us about Being Erica, Lost Girl and what’s in store for Bo and Lauren. Did you know you have such a huge lesbian fanbase?

Anna Silk:
Yes, actually! The character on Being Erica seemed to strike a chord with a lot of people. But I’m so happy to hear that people have been writing about Lost Girl, too. I think that’s really really great! I see that people are discussing the relationships and the characters and I love that those discussions have been generated.

AE: When you were starting on the show, how big of a part was Bo’s bisexuality? Or was it something that just happened because you prey on both males and females.

It was there from the very beginning. It’s one of the things I loved about this character because it wasn’t quite so simple and I loved that Michelle Lavretta created the show and created this character. She is an amazing writer and creates amazing characters and I really liked Bo from the very beginning.

AE: On a lot of supernatural shows, like True Blood, the supernatural characters have sort of a pansexuality about them. Is the bisexuality specific to Bo on the show or is it a characteristic of all faes?

That’s a good question, but I think right now it’s just Bo, as far as Bo knows. I’m sure she’ll meet some more people along the way, but that’s just something that’s specific to Bo at this time.


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