TV Alert: Eliza Dushku suits up for “The Big Bang Theory”


Tonight’s the night, Buffy fans: Eliza Dushku returns to primetime as a (sexy) FBI agent investigating (not-so-much) ladies’ man Howard Wolowitz on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory.

Fear not — there’s no “bazinga” coming on this one and everyone’s (favorite?) former Slayer will be guest starring on the comedy where she shows up as FBI agent Angela Page and questions Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) so the only member of the nerdy (and beloved) gang can get security clearance for a classified assignment.

Did I fall asleep, or is anyone else getting a very Echo and Dollhouse vibe here?

Dushku told that she had scenes with three of the four guys — everyone except Wolowitz — and would be open to doing more comedic roles as well as returning to Big Bang Theory.

She also says the creators had previously approached Dushku about a role on the show six or seven months ago but the actress (as well as Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady) felt the FBI agent gig was a better fit. Wonder what that role was!

Considering the show’s recent use of guest stars — Katee Sackhoff recently made her second guest appearance on the show in full Battlestar gear, no less — having Dushku return to rattle Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Emmy winner Jim Parsons) would be a great gift idea for November sweeps.

And in case you need another reason to watch tonight’s episode — titled “The Apology Insufficiency” — it also marks the return of series regular Kaley Cuoco after a serious leg injury.

Will you watch Dushku’s Big Bang Theory episode tonight? Who else would you like to see guest star on the show? Anyone else want to see Sara Gilbert return to play opposite Mayim Bialik’s Amy Farrah Fowler? Bazinga!

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