“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “These Arms of Mine”


It’s nighttime at Seattle Grace hospital. A documentary camera crew is following the staff around and filming everything.  The camera person seems to have a very shaky hand.  Haven’t these filmmakers ever heard of a steady cam?

They rent for as little as $75 a day. 

An ambulance speeds by and pulls up to the hospital. Owen races past the camera screaming, “Some one page Dr. Shepherd!” Meredith tells the camera crew that she and Cristina are on trauma rotation. It is their job to assess each medical emergency it arrives. 

Then cut to the OR where Owen, Meredith and Cristina are working vigorously on a patient but it’s not looking good. Derek stands outside the OR and looks in. He tells the camera, “I was paged to assess the patient’s head trauma.” I swear every time Derek speaks I feel like he’s smiling with his eyes. Smizing! Could Tyra Banks be behind this? 

Inside the OR, Owen announces that the patient is brain dead. Derek jumps into action and enters the room to see if the patient is a donor. (I am a donor and I encourage you all to become donors too. I want to be cremated and sprinkled in Cristina Yang’s cereal.)

Owen, Derek and McSteamy chit chat and confirm, yes, the patient is a donor. Ok, let’s get to harvesting!

A muscular male patient stands shirtless and explains to the camera crew that he’s been waiting for a transplant for two years. The camera pans to his little petite wife who is excited about the possibilities of the surgery and then the camera pans back over to reveal that the male patient is missing both of his arms just above his elbows. Let’s refer to him as Mr. No-Arms.

Then there is a montage of news footage about the Seattle Grace Hospital.

The voice over of the montage says, “Today we visit the survivors, their patients, their triumphs and their disappointments. This is Seattle Medical: Road to Recovery.”

Chief Webber explains to the camera crew they he wants to make the hospital safer. The hospital now has more security guards (More? I don’t remember ever seeing any security guards before. Can I get a job being a background security guard?  One that needs medical attention and a hug from Dr. Cristina Yang?) Seattle Grace now has automatic security doors and check points, through which every one must pass in order to be admitted into the hospital. The once-again-brunette Lexie can’t get past the security guards because her new darker hair doesn’t match her old-blonde-haired ID photo. Lexie yells for the Chief to help her get past the guards and he hustles over to her.

Cristina and Meredith sit down with the camera crew and explain that they are “good friends.” Is it just me or is there some serious subtext going on here? I was “good friends” with a girl named Sarah in high school. Yes, she was a very “good friend” indeed.

Derek then tells the camera crew, “Yes, Dr. Yang and my wife have sleepovers. In my bed. With me in it.”  Once again, the Seattle Grace staff needs some serious therapy.

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