Great LezBritain: “Lip Service” Recap — Episode Four


Frankie and Tess have packed up

their troubles in an old kit bag because they’re moving into the new

flat that the Artful Dodgeress has found them. Frankie only has a small

bag because she’s so rock’n’roll that she only needs leather and a lens.

Tess has blocked half of the street with her possessions and still has

more stuff inside.

Frankie offers to help and

goes back into Cat’s flat to get Tess’ last bits and bobs. Whilst

gathering them up she enters the bathroom to see a scantily covered DS

Murray coming out of the shower.

Shit, sorry, I was just looking for Tess’ bag.

DS Murray: (hands her Tess’ bag) I’m Sam.

Frankie: Yes.

DS Murray: And you must be … Frankie. Cat’s told me all about you; it’s nice to finally meet you.

Frankie: Yeah.


That was a bit weird really wasn’t it? Would you be that calm if your

girlfriend’s ex randomly came into the bathroom while you were soaping

your bits?

Lee: Sarah, she’s a policewoman; nothing fazes her. Every single day she looks danger right in the eye.


leaves the bathroom only to romantically gaze upon a scantily dressed

Cat as she applies lipstick in her bedroom mirror. Cat reacts to this in

exactly the way you would if you turned around to find your

ex-girlfriend watching you like a creepy lovesick voyeur in your own


But luckily for Frankie, Cat is in no real mood to argue

and Frankie responds to the harmony laid out by commenting on a vase in

Cat’s room that she remembers belonging to Cat’s grandma. How quaint.


start to talk about olden times but this bout of nostalgia is cut short

when DS Murray comes in with her breasts flapping about, bold as brass

it has to be said, and borrows Cat’s bra as she seems to not have one.


What? This is weird too. Who would just walk in with their top off

like that? And how can she have no bra, what did she come in?

Lee: What is wrong with you? Sarah no one cares about this ‘realism’. The hot cop has her breasts out and you’re ruining it.


is unsurprisingly feeling slightly under-abreast by the second viewing

of the DS’ jugs and leaves to ride off with Tess in their taxi cab to

pastures new. In transit, she spots some new headlines about Lou &

Tom-the-Prick’s affair and gives Tess a big cuddle.

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