Great LezBritain: New teasers for Episode 4 of “Lip Service”


Well Lip Servants, we are more than half way to the finish line now and we promise you that Episode 4 is the best one yet. There’s plenty of Cat and the Hot Cop, we find out a little more about ‘”Who the f–k is Frankie?'” Plus Tess and Ed go on a date — not together! Calm down lesbians.

If you thought Corpse-gate or rim-gate or strap-on-gate were risque for British TV, then wait until you see shave-gate — a scene that will simultaneously blow up the heads of every Daily Mail reader in the country. A scene so controversial that YouTube has removed it so we cannot show it here. A scene that you will have to wait until Tuesday to see.

Until then, there are a few more clips to get you ready for the full thing on Tuesday. See you at the live tweet.

DS Murray meets Cat’s parents and suddenly we can see that the correct medical term for Cat’s anal retentive behaviour is "Mummy issues."

But thankfully Cat also has a hot copy for a girlfriend who eases her stress with taxi cab rides like this one:

 Poor Tess. Crap jobs, crap girlfriends and now a crap date.


Lip Service continues on BBC3 on Tuesday 2 November at 10:30 pm. If you want the chance to go to the Lip Service Finale party, don’t forget to register for you tickets here:

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