“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Almost Grown”


Meredith is flying high with her surgery and Derek walks in to help her.

Meredith: Let me finish Derek. I got this.

Derek looks on proudly and says, “Yes you do.” 

Derek meets with the Chief and says he wants to spend the million dollars to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. The Chief pooh-poohs his idea and says a million dollars won’t be able to fund the research. Derek tells the Chief that he’s worried that Meredith has Alzheimer’s just like her mother did. Derek wants to do the research to find the cause to save his wife’s life. Shonda Rhimes, please don’t give Meredith Alzheimer’s! Pretty, pretty please!

April tells the panel that she doesn’t believe Mr. Bad Lungs is a good candidate for a lung transplant. The Chief asks April if she doesn’t think he’s a candidate then why convene the panel and waste everyone’s time?

Cristina stands in the back of the room in silence then speaks up and says Mr. Bad Lungs should be on the transplant list because his disease is manageable. Cristina says he’s a good candidate and she believes he will live. Teddy smiles and finally we see a little bit of Cristina poking out from her shell.

The panel voted in Cristina’s favor and put Mr. Bad Lungs on the transplant list. Teddy says to Cristina, “Congratulations, you were a doctor today."

Bailey is the last one to make a pitch to the Chief.  Rather then proposing something grand says she wants to spend the million dollars fixing what’s old and broken at the hospital and hiring a new night nurse. 

Bailey says, “I can do a big tap dance here and say how I’m going to change the face of medicine with a million dollars.  But you can’t do anything with a million dollars. A million dollars is nothing.”  (Hey Bailey, if you’re not using that million dollars, I’ll take it off your hands.)

Bailey then asks the Chief why he’s wasting their time doing this exercise when she knows the hospital doesn’t have a million dollars to duel out. The Chief hints that in the next few weeks there might be a new development and things will be changing at Seattle Grace. (If Addison Montgomery-Sheperd returns to Grey’s I’m going to knock my TV over and light it on fire.)

A more upbeat Cristina checks in on Mr. Bad Lungs and he notices she’s no longer frowning. Could our little Cristina be coming back to us? The Chief announces that Owen will get the million dollars, which will go towards his trauma-training program. The other Attendings smile and/or shake their heads at him. Derek stares at Owen and his hopes for curing Alzheimer’s are dashed, at least momentarily. 

The McSheperds head home after a long day at the hospital. They wipe the brains off their fingertips and Meredith searches for her house keys. Derek points out that they are already in her hand. Oh no, is it too late? Does Meredith already have Alzheimer’s?

Check back next week for more developments in Season 7 Episode 6, tentatively entitled: “Don’t club Meredith, Club Sandwiches.”