“Grey’s Anatomy” minicap: “Almost Grown”


April and Cristina are trying to work together to figure out what to do about Mr. Bad Lungs. April has asked Teddy to organize the medical panel to figure out if Mr. Bad Lungs can get on the lung transplant list. While April rants, Cristina just zones out. I zone out, too , when April starts speaking.

April knows that Cristina is checked out says to Cristina, “Do you care? You have to care!” Cristina doesn’t responds and just turns and walks away. April, I think that means she doesn’t care.

At lunch Teddy, Arizona and Callie sit around mocking McSteamy for talking about his sex life (or lack thereof) during his presentation to the Chief. Teddy tells them that she also fell flat on her face. They all blame Callie for psyching them out. It’s Arizona’s turn to meet with the Chief. She gets up to go but Callie stops her and hands her a package of tissues just in case she cries during her pitch. Arizona gives a half smile and says, “Thanks.”

As Arizona exits, McSteamy turns to Callie and says, “You have a sickness.” It’s one thing to be competitive, it’s another to sabotage your girlfriend’s professional life. Callie, You’re dating and moving in with Jessica Capshaw. Don’t blow it! Love, Bridget

Derek has to choose who will operate his Possible Lesbian patient’s brain so he makes Avery and Meredith compete to see who can slice their initials into an egg without cracking the membrane. On your mark, get set, GO! Times up and Derek picks up Meredith’s egg and sees she’s written a pretty little “MG” on her egg (what no “MG-S”?) while Avery writes out “J Avery.” Avery was faking being bad early so Meredith would be overly confident and not practice as hard as he did. Derek congratulates Avery and gives him the surgery. And I believe you all owe me five bucks. I’ll take it in quarters because I have lots of laundry to do. 

The smiley, perky, perfect Arizona makes her pitch to the Chief. When she finishes the Chief commends her on being so focused and having such a compelling presentation. Somehow Arizona takes offense to his comment and she begins to rant about how everyone thinks she cries all the time but she really doesn’t. She says she has her emotions under control and then takes out her little package of tissues and chucks them across the table. Arizona says it makes her angry when people make fun of her and she wants to hit them, which she knows how to do since her father was in the military. Arizona then sits in the awkward silence that she created. 

Dear Chief Webber, Your staff is a bunch of horny, angry emotional nut bags. Yes, it makes for good tv but I wouldn’t want any of your doctors cutting me open putting their hands inside me.  Well, maybe Arizona’s hands — and Cristina’s and Callie’s. OK, the entire female staff is welcome to put their hands inside of me, except for April. Sincerely, Bridget.

Owen goes to check in on Cristina and she sprays him in the eyes with mace. Kidding. He asks if she’s ok and she’s not.  Owen tells her that he knows what will make her feel better. They can go outside to the back alley and she can knock the living crap out of him. She laughs and I cross my fingers that she takes him up on his offer.

Alex, being Alex, yells at Boy Boob’s mother and explains that her son won’t out grow his boobs and therefore will suffer psychological damage and be teased for years by his peers. Alex, “Let him be a man and make up his own mind.”  I agree, but I also feel strongly that a beautiful pair of breasts are a terrible thing to waste. (On a side note, I really hope the young actor playing Boy Boobs puts the clip of him sporting boobs on his reel.)