“Glee” Episode 204 Recap: “Don’t Go Breakin’ Kurt and Brittany’s Hearts”


Was it just the outsider vibe that permeated so many of the

scenes tonight, or was this the queerest episode of any series that’s ever been

on television? I mean, I’m reading this right, aren’t I? Santana told Brittany I’m not in love with you, you’re just a

substitute for Puck, and Brittany’s heart was

broken, so she tried to use Artie to

punish Santana, and Santana went nuts with jealousy?

The final scene with Brittany

all alone, pushing the meatball with her nose, and walking around the hall

looking so forlorn without her Santana – I cried. Not metaphorical tears – the

real thing, with salt and water and a snotty nose.

And Kurt… my god,

Kurt. Yes, he’s had a bit of

inappropriate stuff with Finn last

season. It was interesting to see that getting explored. But to see him trying

to figure out how to be himself in the world, to know that someone he admires

and cares about sees him as so toxic that just singing a duet with him could

potentially ruin someone else’s reputation? To believe you’re going to be

cheated out of the simple high school experience of walking down the hall

holding hands with someone you care about, or dancing at your prom?

And still be a mensch and go tell the guy to sing his duet

with a girl?

Plus his voice – and that performance of "Le Jazz

Hot." Chris Colfer was on fire

tonight. If he doesn’t win the Emmy next year, well, there’s no justice in this

world. /fangirling

As to what actually happened, it begins with us learning

that Puck‘s in juvie for driving

his mom’s car into the front of a convenience store and driving off with the

ATM. Even Brittany thinks that’s kinda

dumb. And it leaves the Glee Club yet again short that critical twelfth member

(it’s apostolic. I just realized). Fortunately, Sam‘s recovered from his

dislocated shoulder enough to sing, and he shakes his shaggy hair and says

hello to the Glee Club.

"Hi, everybody," he says blondly. "I’m Sam. Sam I am. And I

don’t like green eggs and ham."

Santana is not impressed,

while Finn all but


Quinn gives the new boy a twice-over, and so does Kurt, who murmurs to Mercedes,

"He’s on Team Gay. No straight boy does his hair to look like Linda

Evangelista circa 1993."

"You’re crazy circa 2010," Mercedes deadpans.

And then Mr. Schuester‘s dialogue is turned up and he’s talking about

what makes duets great — and that’s our assignment for the week. But there’s a

twist: It’s a competition, modeled on Rachel and Kurt’s season one

diva-off to the Wicked song "Defying Gravity." The wining duo

gets a free dinner at Breadsticks.

This plunges our Lima

losers into joyful pandemonium. Those must be some breadsticks.

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