Glee Episode 2.03 Recap: It’s “Kurt’s Turn” Tonight


This is the Glee I fell in love with. This is

pure, classic, epic, 100 percent unadulterated Glee. It had laughter, it

had tears (a lot more of the second than the first), and it even had god.

Now, the last time I watched a television show in which a

teenage boy said he’d just seen the face of god was in the pilot of Queer as

, right after 17-year-old Justin had spent his first night with Brian

Kinney. I didn’t expect anything like that would ever happen on TV again, and

until tonight’s episode of Glee and Finn‘s discovery of the face

of Jesus on his grilled cheese sandwich, it hadn’t.

Finn, who fired up the old George Foreman grill even though

it had never been the same after he’d used it to dry his sneakers, was suitably

awestruck by his discovery, and earnestly prayed to the sandwich to let the McKinley

High Titans win their first football game of the season, "and in return,

Cheesy Lord, I’ll make sure we honor you all week in Glee Club."

Apparently sandwiches are more accommodating than other deities, because darn

it, don’t they just win that game! "Thank you, Grilled Cheesus," Finn


Kurt marches into his father’s auto repair shop,

scolding him for having forgotten his lunch and not having eaten that morning.

"Suzanne Sommers says skipping breakfast is suicide," he tells him.

Burt reminds Kurt that they’re having a family dinner

with Carol and Finn on Friday night (I’d wondered if Carol and Burt’s

relationship had survived the big showdown with Finn last season), and Kurt

says he’ll have to bail as he’s going to the sing-a-long Sound of Music

(which I just realized also happens in QAF. This is kinda weird).

Burt tells him their Friday night dinners are sacred, but Kurt’s cosmology is

unshaken. "So is the sing-a-long Sound of Music sacred to me."

"Do you think I don’t know that?" Burt says.

"Didn’t I buy you that Maria bonnet when you were six?"

I feel a deep and burning need to see the Hummel family’s

home movies immediately.

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