“Thintervention” recap 1.5: Making lesbian lemonade


Jackie tells everyone she wants to switch things up and jump right into the weigh-in. This perks everyone’s ears up to “Oh crap” status and I already know the lie-detector man is coming, which has always been my favorite part of the Maury show, Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones and the short-lived Tempestt Bledsoe show (yes that did exist but I’m not sure if there were lie-detectors).

Joe lost three, Mandy lost four, Bryan admits that he hated the mixed martial arts challenge because he was gay-bashed in high school and it brought back bad memories. But look how fabulous he is now and how hot his boyfriend is! And he lost six pounds.

Jeana gained a pound and wonders how she did that, even though she could’ve eaten better and worked harder. Shay lost three but should’ve lost five or six. Stacy gives excuses even before stepping on the scale. She lost one pound and pouts; she throws her hands up in the air and can’t make sense of it. I want to punch her in the face. She turns on the water-works because Jackie doesn’t trust her. I can’t wait for the lie-detector man.

Nikki gained two pounds this week and can only say, “Wow, that’s embarrassing." Yep.

Lie detector man! Loving you Jackie Warner! Bryan, Joe and Mandy don’t need to take the polygraph because their pants aren’t on fire.

Shay volunteers to go first. It seems as though Nikki may have had more than 22 cocktails this week, in which case she’s doing a lot worse than me.

If Jeana were Pinocchio, her nose would stretch cross-country. Nikki totally had more than 22 cocktails this week. Stacy not only ate more than her allotted calories, she also ate a lot of fruit sugars, which is bad for her PCOS. When she gets called out on her BS, she acts as though everyone just needs to move on.

Mandy thinks she can make a positive impact in Nikki’s life and wants her to live with her family for a week. Bryan says Jeana can live with him for a week. No one wants Shay or Stacy and I’m not shocked. Meanwhile I am bingeing on the new Wheat Thins fire roasted tomato stix, they’re pretty good.

Next week, special guest Robin Antin (creator of the Pussycat Dolls) will make everyone feel like a real woman (including, and maybe especially, Bryan).

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