“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 64-66


From there, we move on to episode 65, where we find Julia plotting and planning or otherwise just trying to make a decision.


She drops by Alma’s class, where the topic du jour is polyamory.

Alma: Who stands to lose more: the person who chooses or the person who decides not to choose?

I’ve figured out why Julia has come to think of herself as the center of the universe. She goes to an acting class, and the exercise mirrors her life. Later she gets cast in a TV show and the plot mirrors her life. She stops by her sister’s workshop, and the class subject mirrors her life. No wonder the girl is confused about reality.

Oh, but hey, it’s evening! Decision time!

But first, a lesson on polyamory by Dr. Julia Aparicio.


Julia is now an expert on polyamorous relationships and can draw diagrams to prove it.


She draw’s a ‘V’ to illustrate the type of relationship they will be having once she’s done convincing them that this is what she wants they want. Personally, I think the V should always stand for vagina, which should make Julia’s decision very simple. In this case, though, the V actually stands for very self-centered and delusional.


Julia explains that in her version of reality, the two of them will date her and only her and definitely not each other. This is fair and makes sense because she needs two times the love and attention and they each only need half.


Julia finishes her lesson by saying that she’s sorry if they don’t understand but to please not make fun because she took the time to research this and study this and memorize complex illustrations. She gets that they will need time and space in order to remember that they can’t live without her and will inevitably give in to all this nonsense anyway.

Later on, Julia is hanging out with Alma and Mercedes. Her sisters giggle at the fact that Julia had the guts to say all those things to Armando and Mariana.


Mercedes: It’s impressive. I … I have nothing to say. I am at a loss for words.

They ask how Mariana and Armando reacted and Julia says it was like she’d shown them a horror movie in 3D. The only thing she knows is that she was honest. Her sisters press her about what it is she’s looking for, and Julia insists that she wants both Mariana and Armando because she truly, madly, deeply loves them both.


She drew diagrams in a big notebook. What more do these people want?

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