Mikey Koffman gets back to business after “The Real L Word”


The Real L Word’s Mikey Koffman is happy to get back to life without TV cameras, so she can focus completely on her one true love – LA Fashion Week.

The trendy, tattooed butch (um, except for that super awkward Valentine’s night when she took off her tie, put on some lip gloss and flaunted her cleavage for Whitney?) said her marketing and event planning company gained exposure as a result of the show. But, Mikey told Portfolio.com that she wasn’t always portrayed accurately because of – you guessed it – editing.

“I was the only one that the show actively chronicled working. But I think that I had my life too together for the producers, so they decided to cast me as an irresponsible drinker who would let alcohol get in the way of doing my job,” Mikey said of one episode that features her night on the town with vendors in New York. “I like champagne, but they showed me drinking the same glass in 10 different takes, it wasn’t an accurate portrayal of who I am or what I mean to my business.”

She has a point. And I like my champagne too, but when I demurely sip just one single glass all night long (which is never), I don’t usually forget to show up the next morning for press events I’ve personally organized. But, I’m sure the scenes that show a very hung over Mikey glued to a hotel bed while her staff runs the press event were just the result of funny editing.

In a heartwarming rags-to-riches tale, Mikey grew up in the Los Angeles projects, didn’t go to college, and started out working on cars and motorcycles. Soon after, she opened Sin Cycles in Long Beach, and became the first female owner of a motorcycle shop. Making an obvious leap from hogs to haute couture, Mikey designed a line of T-shirts for the shop, and then launched a clothing line. Her clothing line catapulted her into the fashion world, and she began organizing fashion shows and industry events. In 2005, she founded The Gallery Los Angeles, which produces LA Fashion Week and other events.

“Those who work with me know what my work ethic is,” she told Portfolio.

Mikey is a self-proclaimed workaholic and it is hard to argue with her work ethic – remember the episode when she said it would be difficult for her to choose between her career and her foxy fiancé Raquel? I wonder if there is any connection between that and the fact that Raquel couldn’t make it to Las Vegas for the “surprise wedding” Mikey planned on a whim. It’s hard to say which episode made me feel worse for Mikey – that one or the first day of her New York press event that was notably missing just one thing – the press!

I actually think Mikey was one of the most endearing (read: least annoying) characters on The Real L Word. And, the competition for that title was pretty stiff, considering Rose’s cheerful disposition and excellent coping skills, and Nikki and Jill’s totally down-to-earth approach to wedding planning. So, I was rooting for Mikey when she proposed to Raquel on bended knee on stage at the end of the last LA Fashion Week show. Raquel said yes, and the crowed erupted in congratulatory applause (awwww). No word yet on the couple’s official plans to tie the knot, possibly because they can’t agree on a day when they will be in the same room for more than five minutes.

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