“Thintervention” recap 1.4: Channeling your inner warrior


Another week has passed in the Thintervention household and another week of appeasing Nikki while being too hard on Jeana has also come and gone. I am fairly certain I’m about one dirty martini away from throwing a heavy object into my television set every time Jackie lets these people get away with crap.

We start the week off with Jeana and her daughter, Kara, spending time getting mani-pedis together. All of the relaxing and quiet time is too much for Kara – she begins to bully Jeana and question how hard she’s working since she’s only lost six pounds so far. My inner chubby girl starts to get angry here because, again, Jeana isn’t really that big and no one has asked her to give up everything she loves in order to participate in this. That’s the only way she’ll be able to keep up the routine. Leave my cougar alone!

The first challenge of the week begins with getting dog poop off of Craig’s shoe. Apparently there were turd mines at the park chosen for exercising in and all I can hope is that Joe and Nikki use the poop as a slip ‘n slide for my amusement.

Jackie tells the participants that, this week, they’ll be accessing their inner warriors. Bryan’s inner warrior has been named Ethel which is funny because I would’ve probably chosen Brandi for him. Something a little young and slutty sounding. Since he chose Ethel, I decided to choose everyone else’s.

So, their warriors will be helping them to run a mile then do a kettle bell set and then wash, rinse repeat that circuit three times. Stacy “doesn’t run unless there’s a sale of some kind,” I’m gonna guess a sale on DiGiorno.

Early in the circuit, Nikki just gives up and tells Jackie she’s done. Jackie patiently (too patiently) waits for Nikki’s inner warrior to get up off its ass and get back to work.

Meanwhile, Joe’s foot is busted and he has to sit out the remainder of the workout. Nikki continues to protest doing the workout and instead of screaming in her face and telling her to get her fat ass out of the group and stop wasting everyone’s time, Jackie continues to coddle her.