Great LezBritain: Meet the Lip Servants


Lip Service might be all about the Brits, but we know that there are plenty of other eager beavers around the globe who cannot wait to meet the cast. The BBC has finally released some character profile videos and a sneak preview of episode one for your delectation.

So first up, meet Frankie (played by Ruta Gedmintas). Frankie is the girl your mother warned you about, but is clearly a fine looking woman, so you might well ignore your mother and jump right in:


Cat, played by lesbian favourite Laura Fraser, is Frankie’s ex-lover. She is an uptight architect who is still trying to get her life back together after Frankie walked out on her two years ago.

Tess (Fiona Button) is a struggling actress whose life is one big roller coaster of calamity. She would definitely be a right good laugh down at the pub.

We’ve heard that the broadcast date will be announced next week, but here is a little look at a scene from episode one. Dirty. 

So ladies, what do you think? Who looks like they’re good enough to be your new imaginary girlfriend?