Jane Lynch talks to Leno about “Glee,” “SNL” and getting groped by Jimmy Fallon


Though I’m not a huge fan of Jay Leno (go Team CoCo!), he does manage to book some great guests on The Tonight Show. This week, one of those was AfterEllen.com favorite Jane Lynch.

In her standard casually hilarious tone, Lynch recounted getting groped by Jimmy Fallon at the Emmys, explained why she loves her new Glee nemesis (Coach Beiste, played by Dot Jones) and asked fellow guest Justin Timberlake for some tips on hosting Saturday Night Live Oct. 9.

Lynch also teased us with a description of her first film, the lost screen gem Taxi Killer(1988), about “female taxi drivers who want to kill men.” She swears Taxi Killer isn’t available “anywhere,” but we’re taking that statement as a challenge. Stay tuned for a review of Taxi Killer, just as soon as we can find it!

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