Great LezBritain: At Your “Lip Service” – Ten Things We Found Out On Set


“Great LezBritian” is a fortnightly stroll through the very best of British lesbo-centric entertainment and culture. Plus there will be some jolly good interviews with the top ladies who are waving the flag for gay UK.

The countdown clock may feel somewhat weighty whilst we sit tight in anticipation for Lip Service, the UK’s first lesbian specific drama to begin on BBC Three next month. But, fellow lesbians, we have something quite special to offer you to interrupt the passing of time. 

Whilst we were on set, trying to sneak inconspicuously behind the extras to speak to cast and crew — often on the sly — we gathered lots of Lip Service tidbits that we kept in a box in a secret place. We’ve now ripped it open and, quite opposite to Pandora and her box, this free fall of information is sure to put smiles on many faces.

Here are the ten bits of information that you heard here first:

1.) Last winter was the coldest in over a decade in Dear Old Blighty, and whilst filming in Glasgow, temperatures were often sub-zero. Most of the cast were struggling with colds and, to combat shivering and nose dribbling, they often had hot water bottles strapped to their persons out of the eye of the camera.  In between scenes, the girls had to wear massive sleeping bag-style parkas to warm their cockles. So every time you watch a sex scene on the show, don’t just be selfishly freeze-framing whenever you see a nipple — give some thought to the frostbite suffered just to give you that moment.

2.) The role of Frankie was fiercely contested. Both Roxanne McKee and Heather Peace auditioned for the part initially before they were cast as Lou and Sam. Heather told us that, “Every actress in the country went for Frankie” but that she thought Ruta Gedmintas was the right choice saying, “Ruta makes a fine lesbian.”

Ruta Gedmintas

3.) We are delighted to report that Harriet Braun, Lip Service’s creator plays for our team and the scripts are very much “authored” by her. Her favourite lesbian character of all time is Corky from Bound. She told us that she “loved the whole plumber thing.” We say: “A fine choice new lesbi-friend.”

4.) During filming, the cast didn’t really have much time to go out on the town, but they did have one rather drunken night, disco dancing in Glasgow’s biggest gay club, The Polo Lounge. Harriet Braun told us that she thought it funny that no one recognised the actresses that night, but if they were busting out the moves a year later then it’s likely that they would have been swamped by adoring ladies.

5.) All of the music used in Lip Service is from unsigned Glaswegian bands — apart from one act from Finland. (Random!) The bands that we know and recommend you check out in advance so that you can impress your friends by singing along during the show (actually don’t do this, it will be really annoying) are Maple Leaves, Zoey Van Goey, Sparrow and The Workshop, A Band Called Quinn and Jill Jackson.  For those of you who get off on a fact, here’s one: The lovely Jill Jackson is openly gay and once had a UK top ten hit with a cover of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In A Bottle.”

6. ) Before Ruta Gedmintas would undertake a Frankie sex scene (of which there are a fair few) she would listen to the music of Peaches. If you are not familiar with the teaches of Peaches and plan to take a listen now, then we advise you not to do it in front of your grandmother.

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