“True Blood” mini-cap 3.12 “Evil is Going On”


I can’t help it — I’m disappointed with the mess Alan Ball left us with at the end of Season 3. There are so many questions unanswered, and so much action put on hold until next summer. I’m OK with cliffhangers, but this was lacking a certain intensity had by the previous episodes. Not only has it been the goriest and bloodiest season yet, but it’s also been the most supernatural, introducing all kinds of other beings in existence in Bon Temps. This could have wowed us and left us wanting more. But instead, we’re just left wanting.

So what happened on the finale?

Eric and Russell are still outside, roasting in the sun. Russell says he had to kill Eric’s father — he needed the goats.

Godric appears, asking Eric to forgive Russell. He tells Eric that Russell will find peace in death, even though he’s a total a-hole, so Eric might as well let him live.

Sookie wakes up and realizes Bill is standing over her. She slaps him for betraying her and demands to know where Eric is. When Pam tells her he’s out in the sun, chained by silver to the former king of Mississippi, Sookie ignores Bill’s pleas and heads outside to save him. She doesn’t know how to release the silver cuffs, but Russell gives her an idea: "Use your gift." She is able to harness her anger at him to spark off the silver. Russell screams, "Now drag me the f–k inside!" Before dragging only Eric toward the door, she uses her power to blast Russell further off into the parking lot. "You watch your f—ing language!"

Eric needs human blood but Pam says he’s too weak to draw a fang. Sookie insists that Bill bites her. She winces at the pain but bends down to put her wrist in Eric’s mouth. "Keep an eye on him," she instructs Bill. "We both know he could lose control."

Eric manages to not lose control, thankfully, and he asks that Sookie bring Russell in. "Eric, do the world a favor and let that little f–k fry," Pam says. Eric says he’ll go out there himself before having a "Whose fang is bigger?" fight with Bill. "Oh for the love of God," Sookie says, going outside to drag Russell in by a chain. He is burnt to an ashy crisp.


Eric ties him to the stripper pole while he tries his best to be threatening, but his fang falls out. He tells Sookie he will only think about finding her for the rest of his life, which doesn’t make it any easier when Eric says the vamps must go to ground and the human/fairy hybrid has to keep watch. "Do not stake him!" he tells her.

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