“Thintervention” recap 1.2: Jackie, master of cocktails and bringer of pain


It’s almost time for therapy but Kim arrives early to tell Dr. Ramani and Jackie her diagnosis is lymphodema and she is unable to continue in the program. While this makes me sad, she seems to have a really positive outlook on things.

During therapy, we find out Nikki basically lost both of her parents at the age of 11 and was left to fend for herself when her older brother threw lavish parties without inviting her. Now she’s making up for lost time.

Bryan reveals that he was sexually abused at a very young age and has put blame on his parents for not doing anything about it. It ended up being a very emotional therapy session.

At the weigh-in, Bryan loses the most with seven pounds and Joe ends up gaining a pound. Jackie tells him it’s OK; it’s probably muscle. I beg to differ.

Next week, it looks like a lot of tears. What did you think of last night’s episode? Am I being too harsh on Joe? What were those green things sitting in a dish at the therapy session? Who do you think will make out with Gina first?

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