“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 55-57


So, where were we? Ah, yes. When last we left them, Julia and Mariana were on a double date with Armando and Valeria. All of this is part of Armando’s evil plot to win back Lady Julia. And, sadly, it’s working. Julia is growing progressively more jealous of Armando and Valeria together, which makes no sense to me because, hello? Has she seen her girlfriend?! But Julia’s emotions are a mixed salad of crazygreens with loonydressing on the side, which probably means this show is about to take us to a bad place.

We pick up episode 55 with the foursome playing a game of questions. It’s Mariana’s turn and she asks Armando what he would do if he found a wallet full of cash: return it to the owner or keep it? Armando says he’d keep the money so he could take Valeria out to breakfast.

Instantly, Julia’s like, “Don’t you care about the people who lost their wallet?” And Mariana, who has an RSS feed subscription to Julia’s True Thoughts sees that what Julia is really saying is, “How dare you take this girl out to breakfast and not me?” So she stares disapprovingly at her girlfriend.


Armando, very smoothly uses the nickame he has for Julia – “Flaca” – to refer to Valeria. But when she hears the nickname, Julia automatically says, “What?” And Mariana sighs and facepalms.


Yes, Julia, you are incredibly obvious and transparent and it’s embarrassing all of us. Please to be stopping this now.

It’s Valeria’s turn to ask Julia a question.

Valeria: Your boss offers you a promotion if you agree to sleep with him … do you do it?

Julia: Of course!

Mariana: What?! Don’t joke, Julia.

Julia: Why not? It’s just a game. He said it.

I think Julia is actually playing a different game called: How to Screw Up A Perfectly Awesome Relationship By Being an Idiot. So far, she’s winning by a landslide.

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