Felicia Day goes “Red”


Remember when we told you about Syfy network’s project to make original TV movies based on the darker side of fairy tales? Well, the dark side just got a bit brighter. Red, the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood as a werewolf tale, stars one of our favorite women as the red-hooded one.

Felicia Day plays Red, a descendant of the werewolf-hunting family we met on the way to Grandma’s house many years ago. In the Syfy version, Red brings her fiancé home to meet the folks and to learn about the family business. He’s skeptical about the whole werewolf-hunting venture until he gets bitten by a werewolf and learns that everyone in Red’s family — except Red — wants him killed.

Here’s the trailer.


Day told Syfy’s Blastr that she really enjoyed getting pumped up to play the part of a butt-kicking heroine.

“It was actually a real flashback to Buffy, because we were flying around on wires and kicking people and shooting,” Day said. “Well, not shooting, but stabbing. It was really fun. It’s a pretty dramatic piece, so it was really fun to stretch that muscle and be a tough girl a little bit, kind of like the Dollhouse role that I did, but even tougher.”

She also was excited to be a part of such a classic fairy tale.

“I am a huge fairy tale lover,” she said. “I actually wanted to get a folklore degree at one point during college. I’m kind of a nerd about fairy tales, so when I read that, I was like, ‘Whoa, why didn’t I think of that idea?’ To be included randomly after I even thought that, I was like, ‘This is fantastic. I’m so excited.'”

I’m excited, too, even though Red doesn’t premier until next year. True, Syfy’s original movies have been hit or miss, but I have a feeling that this one will be worth watching. And by “this one,” I mean the adorably sexy Felicia Day.

What do you think of the Red trailer? Will you be watching?

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