The 17 Biggest OMG Moments of “True Blood” Season 3



The general consensus around here is that True Blood, which airs its season finale this Sunday, has been on a major creative roll. The HBO supernatural drama has been wilder, weirder, funnier, certainly bloodier, and we think farmore entertaining this past year than in the previous two seasons. 

In honor of that, and to get you in the mood for the Sunday finale, we thought we’d take a look back on the banner season and pick out the year’s biggest "Oh My God!" moments. These are the scenes that most made us wantto laugh, cheer, shriek, cry, or in some cases, seriously hurl. We’ve ranked them roughly from tamest to most outrageous.

No doubt we’ve left some of your favorite moments off this list. If so, please let us know which ones in the comments.    

17. Talbot’s fancy blood feast.

"It’s cruelty-free, all willingly donated. Note the citrusy finish.

This one ate only tangerines for a week!

The setup: Bill has been taken captive by the exceedingly well-mannered Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississppi and his snitty and decorative consort Talbot.  He may be a prisoner, but he’s treated to posh digs, inlcuding the ultimate in vampire cuisine – which is pretty much a vegan nightmare.

While Bill and the Vampire King talk shop, Talbot excuses himself so he can "go drain the second course. Carlo, bring me that Thai boy!"

By the time the final course of "blood gelato" rolled around we were rolling on the floor at the bloody inventiveness of the writers.


16. Eric in all his glory.

The setup: Sookie heads to Fangtasia to enlist Eric‘s help in finding the missing Bill. Pam tries flirting with her but Sookie isn’t in the "mood for any lesbian weirdness." So perhaps out of spite, Pam lets her go down to the basement to witness heterosexual weirdness. Eric, naked in all his glory, banging exotic dancer Yvetta. At supersonic speeds.  

This aired just after we heard that Alexander Skarsgård refuses to wear a sock when filming nude scenes. OMG indeed.  

"See anything you like?"

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