Katee Sackhoff straps on a badge and a gun for “CSI”


Want to hear some frakking awesome news? CSI has recruited Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff to join the popular crime procedural. What’s that sound? Oh, that’s just the sound of a million femslash writers firing up their laptops to couple Katee with Jorja Fox.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Katee’s addition to the cast comes almost three years after the show’s producers first wanted her to join as a replacement for a then departing Jorja. But for some unknown reason, her casting was kyboshed by CBS executives. Too much hot for one show on the Tiffany Network, eh?

Since then Jorja has returned, Katee had a recurring role on 24 and adorable soup chef and The L Word alum Lauren Lee Smith was hired and fired for the role after a season.

Katee will play Detective Reed who is described as a “smart, tough, and feisty investigator with an acknowledged lack of sensitivity.” Oh my God, has CSI finally found a way to bring back a hot female detective à la the sorely missed Det. Sofia Curtis? I still dream about Louise Lombard’s arms, nearly nightly.

I must say, this casting news thrills my crime procedural-loving heart. I can already see her swaggering around the crime lab with her gun and her badge and her arms. Then she runs into a lonely Sara Sidle because where the hell is Grissom anyway, aren’t they married? And then Tricia Helfer shows up in the interrogation room and they both go in to, um, question her and…

What? Sorry, got a little distracted. Katee’s first episode will air in November sweeps. Are you exited, or are you too distracted by your daydreaming, like me?

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