How do you like your “Glee”?


We’re less than two weeks away from the second season premiere of Glee, and you know what that means: Fox is making it rain promos!

Up first, Emily Deshanel and Tamara Taylor (Brennan and Cam from Bones) get kind of awkward — or maybe it’s Emily’s new bangs that make me feel awkward; the jury’s still out on those things — while introducing you to Fox’s new Tuesday comedy night.

And next, a full 90-second scene between Sue and Schue! Lynch is back in fine form.

I mentioned this in my last Glee post, but I’m really getting excited about it now because of all the behind-the-scenes conversations and hoopla. You guys, we are planning some epic Glee recaps of epic epicness. But to really get it right, we need to know how you watch Glee. And to demonstrate what we need to know, please witness the following/best comment conversation ever between readers/girlfriends Brooke R and saysay.



What about you, dear reader? How do you watch Glee? Do you hate Cory Monteith’s face or do you love it? Do you want Rachel and Quinn to make out or does that just make you feel weird inside (and not in a good way)? Tell us. Tell us everything. It’s the lesbian internet; I’m inviting you to overshare.

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