We Faberry the first “Glee” season two trailer


Remember when Glee‘s Journey promo dropped last year and we squealed when we saw Jane Lynch in a track suit, and had never even heard the name Lea Michele before, and how at the very end of it we were all in tears sobbing, “I’ll never stop believin'”?

A lot of stuff has happened between then and now. Jane Lynch won an Emmy. Lea Michele won the heart of America. And fifty-eleven gazillion Glee ballads were purchased on iTunes.

And now — drum roll! — the first season two trailer has dropped!

So New Directions is headed to New York this season, eh? Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. (I’ve heard that Empire State of Mine one million times and I still have no idea what the hell that lyric means. Where dreams are made of what, Alicia Keys? Made of what, Jay-Z?!)

Anyway, I’ve reworked the trailer for my own nefarious purposes.

September 21st! These streets will make you feel brand new! Big lights will inspire you!

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