Lesbian TV writer Elizabeth Sarnoff working with JJ Abrams on another new show


Out television writer/producer Elizabeth Sarnoff is collaborating with J.J. Abrams on a new show about Alcatraz, the infamous island prison that used to house the country’s most violent criminals. Sarnoff wrote the first spec script and the two are shopping it around to networks. With this pair’s history of success, someone will certainly bite.

Sarnoff has worked with Abrams on Lost, winning several awards as part of the writing and production team, including an Emmy. She was the one female writer that stuck around throughout seasons two through six, saying once during a Power Up workshop last year, “We had one other on Lost, but she rolled out pretty quick.”

She previously contributed to NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan and Deadwood, and is one of this year’s 10 Amazing Gay Women in Showbiz to be honored by Power Up.

Since Lost was a show with some strong female characters, we can only hope that the Sarnoff’s new project will offer the same. She once told Zap2it.com that shows like Lost allowed her to “have fun” with the women.

“You want all your characters to be interesting on any show, but we have an opportunity on this show, because we are outside of the boundaries of a real society for the most part in our storytelling, to have them be a little bit more radical in some ways,” she said.

The writers of “Lost”

And we all know JJ Abrams does pretty well with kick ass women (see: Fringe, Alias, the new show Undercovers). I have high hopes for Alcatraz, and am glad to see an out woman at the helm.

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