The new women of “Chuck”


Who’s excited about the new season of Chuck on September 20?

Me, too. And if you’re not quite excited enough yet, we have brand new pictures from NBC (via HitFlix) to help. First up: Mama Bartowski (Linda Hamilton), Chuck and Ellie’s spy mamma.

Hamilton looks just as hot in a power suit as she does in a tank top. Just don’t interrupt her Freecell game.

We’ve also got geeky hot Olivia Munn in her role as Greta, a CIA operative working undercover as a Nerd Herder.

I’ve gotta’ say, the electronics store employees in these parts don’t wear outfits like Greta’s. Then again, they don’t look like her, either.

NBC also released a photo of Agent Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovsky) and Casey on a Very Important Mission.

I don’t mean to slight Casey because he’s awesome. But when Sarah is in the picture, I can barely remember his name.

Who am I kidding? I can barely remember my own name. That is one lucky Chuck.

How do you like the preview pics? Any predictions for Chuck Season 4?

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