“True Blood” mini-cap 3.8: “Night on the Sun”


Sookie is still in the hospital but she’s calming down a bit after she realizes Bill is not trying to eat her anymore. Alcide tells Bill to Back off and Tara starts swearing all crazy. They’re all pissed at Bill for attempting to drain Sookie of her special blood but she wants to speak with him alone. 

Bill asks, "You’re afraid of me? I never meant to hurt you. I couldn’t stop. I can’t take back what I’ve done." Sookie’s like "Damn right!" But she is realizing now it’s all "too much." She likes things like having blood and going out in the sunlight. She wants to have kids and grow old, and Bill wants her to have that too, but he can’t give it to her.

They both say they love one another and then Bill, bloody tears streaming down his face, unhooks the IV from his vein and leaves Sookie in tears.

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