“True Blood” mini-cap 3.5 “Trouble”


This week on True Blood, Pam, Yvetta and Sophie-Ann were nowhere in sight. See you next week!

Just kidding. I mean, they weren’t on this episode, but I’m still here.

Talbot surveys Tara and decides she looks spicy, but still not good enough to eat. Like Franklin would let him get near her — he’s obsessed with Tara and she does not look pleased.

Franklin tells Tara to ignore him. "He’s the cleaning lady." Just then she notices Bill walk in with the blood from the stripper all over his face. Tara asks for his help but he denies her. Rude.

Russell asks Franklin why he’s here with some girl tied up in ropes and Frankie says he has a gift for the King. He tells Lorena hands off and she says nobody wants her. Lorena prefers strippers.

Talbot is unimpressed and whiny: "You’re not supposed to bring work home!" Russell points to himself: "Darling. King." The King is a Queen who does whatever he wants. How fun to be his partner. Not. Luckily, Talbot perks up later when another visitor pops by: Eric.

Talbot finds Eric very attractive, much like most gay men and straight women of the world. They have a little flirt sesh, or at least that’s how the gay men and lesbians would like to take it.

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