“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes three, four and five


Let’s get down to business, shall we? If you missed my recap of episodes 1 & 2, I recommend reading them. If you’re the sort of person that laughs in the face of chronological order, then by all means, keep reading. I don’t judge.

In episodes three through five, the following stuff happened:

Alma (eldest daughter; lots of jobs)

You remember me talking about that “sweet” stalker of hers? No? Well, good, because he’s not sweet at all. Alma, who is normally a hardass when it comes to men and relationships, begins to cave in to Leonardo’s advances. He just can’t quit her. And she finds that disarming. And at first you’re kind of, “Aww, he likes her like a lot.” And then you see that he’s actually quite creepy and keeps replaying videos of Alma being escorted by the police after her husband’s murder.

And he caresses the screen where she sits looking all gloomy at the back of a police car. And you start to think, “That’s weird.” And Alma starts to trust him a little bit more, which makes you nervous for her. Then she starts sleeping with him and spending the night. And then you find out (gasp!) that Leonardo knew her ex-husband and seems to have some sort of weird vengeance demon complex. And then you see him cackling evilly into the night, “I’m going to get you Alma! And your little dog too! MUAHAHAHA!” Only in Spanish and with different words.

In other news, she’s got a daughter, who’s kind of creepy, actually. Or maybe I just don’t know her very well yet. I won’t judge ’til she kicks a puppy or something. She showed up in episode 5. She’s also got a purity ring that everyone mistook for a wedding ring. Anyway, she seems to be like an older version of Isadora (Mercedes’ daughter): bitter about her father’s death, and effed up psychologically. Oh wait, I’m judging. Nevermind. She seems perfectly lovely for a future serial killer.

Oh and there’s more: one of her Alma’s escorts is in love with her. Secretly-like. He seems sweet. Of course, I’ve been wrong about that before.

Mercedes (middle daughter; recent widow)

Mercedes’ life sucks. Like a lot. I mean, not only is her daughter psychologically on the edge, but her husband croaked while banging some floozy a perfectly respectable lady, and now she’s back to work at her husband’s law firm where no one wants her there because she failed to grow a penis in the womb. But then, on top of all that, it turns out her husband committed fraud and now all her assets are frozen.

Meanwhile, her boss/colleague that used to be a friend of her husband’s but really doesn’t want Mercedes working there decides that the best way to deal with a woman like her is to get her to trust him and then, when her claws are down, POUNCE IN A WHIRLWIND OF EVIL RAARRR and take everything from her. There’s a whole board meeting about this, with graphics, and Power Point.

Things between Isadora (her daughter) and Mercedes seem to be going okay, though, which is nice because Mercedes deserves a break.

Also, she ran into some lady taking pictures of a little boy at school and – because she doesn’t have enough problems of her own – approached her and offered to help her. As it turns out, the lady is in the middle of a messy situation, where she’s been deemed an unfit mother on the basis that she was born biologically male and is – according to the law – the father. Mercedes is all RARR I SHALL GET JUSTICE FOR YOU because Mercedes is full of win.

Rafaela (Matriarch; Professional Widow)

Rafaela’s kind of here and there and everywhere. Most importantly, though, we find out that she’s the one that killed Alma’s husband. Or she had someone kill Alma’s husband. Or something like that. I kind of spaced out during that part. Don’t mess with this lady. Srsly.

Julia/Mariana (and I guess Dany* … and Armando‘s buttcrack)

So, here’s what’s been going on with these two. I can sum it up thusly: Not a whole hell of a lot since their hot make-out scene.

We have one scene in which Julia drops by Mariana’s to pick up a book of erotic monologues that she’s going to perform at an audition. She begs (beeegs) Mariana to go with her to the audition and watch her talk seductively into the darkness, but Mariana refuses and tells her to take Armando instead. They have a few cute seconds of sitting practically on top of each other on Mariana’s futon before Dany makes another ill-timed appearance.

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