“True Blood” mini-cap 3.3: “It Hurts Me, Too”


When we last saw Sookie, she was pointing a gun at a werewolf. She shoots but Eric takes the bullet so he can find out who the were works for. The wolf-turned-naked-man wants Eric’s V and starts to eat him and then escape. But Sookie shoots again and gets him down for Eric to pounce. He still won’t tell who sent him, but Sookie reads his mind: "Jackson." Eric doesn’t know this, but gets pissed enough to kill the dude anyway. Pompous ass! Lucky for him Sookie’s got talent.

Naked man butt count: 1.

In Mississippi, Lorena is getting her flames put out by Talbot and the King. There are some puns about "cooler heads prevailing" before the King scolds Bill for setting Lorena on fire. "I suggest you learn to get along. Bill tells the King Lorena has her own motives for wanting him to stick around the state. The King is well aware: "Did you know she wanted me to make you watch as she killed your human?" Save our Sookie!

The King wants to know why Bill won’t turn Sookie so they can spend eternity together. "That’s commitment!" Then he threatens to hurt her himself if Bill doesn’t do what he wants. Why is Sookie the pawn in everyone’s game? That girl was better off when she was living with her Gran and ignoring Sam’s advances at Merlotte’s.

Eric is burying the werewolf’s body and Sookie scolds him for the murder. Eric tells her that the werewolves can get very strong if they drink V, making them a bigger challenge to deal with. He looks real serious about it, so you know you have to trust him. And then he tells Sookie his bullet wound would have healed a lot faster if she would have let him drink her blood. Defiant Sookie: "I will never fall for that again." That is what makes her have sex dreams about him and that’s too much for her to handle already. What would be next on the list? Acting on it? I’m pretty sure that’s coming anyway.

Sookie tells Eric what she heard inside the were’s mind. Eric says that Jackson is where the were is from. She wonders if that’s where Bill is. "Eric, we have to go, like, yesterday!" Eric says he has bigger problems to deal with but that Sookie needs protection if she wants to go. He tells her to take the day to think it over so Sookie says she’ll sleep on it. Eric dramatically tells her to stay out of trouble.

Tara is totally getting it on with Franklin, the new British vampire in town. It actually looks kind of painful and she asks him to bite her, but he won’t because she "wants him to." Typical.

Post-coital conversation includes why they had to go to a motel room. "Don’t ya’ll sleep in the ground?" Tara asks. She said she’s only done this once before and when Franklin wants to know more about her personal life, she gets nervous and starts putting her clothes back on, refusing to give him her name.

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