“The Real L Word” Premiere Live Blog


9:45 p.m. We’lll be getting started shortly. Everyone psyched on the live blog and Tweet Up? Follow us on Twitter with #realLwordAE.

9:52 p.m. Both Karman Kregloe and Lesley Goldberg are at the premiere party for The Real L Word in Los Angeles. Follow their Tweets @karmankregloe and @snoodit.

9:59 p.m. Ilene Chaiken introducing the new show. “Interconnectedness of all people.” Also, a blue blazer.

10:00 p.m. All the women are talking about their first sexual experiences. Jill is the only one to say she wondered if being sexual with a woman was OK.

Whitney was only 9 and she used sour cream instead of whip cream.

Mikey was, uh, very explicit in how she made her first partner happy.

Look, she took off her sunglasses!

Whitney says L.A. is full of “more polished lesbians” and more attractive than NYC. She is out with a fling named Sara who is newly single and from out of town.

10:08 Nikki and Jill are matching.

They’re planning a wedding and bringing out old pictures of when they met at summer camp. This was before Nikki went on Oprah with her ex in 2006.

On Oprah:

My girlfriend just said, “Look at that ring!”

9:12 p.m. Mikey likes feminine women. Shocking!

Sorry girls — she’s taken.

9:13 p.m. Tracy is a skateboarder. She seems very real. I say this from seeing her at the Dinah Shore Weekend, posing next to the rest of her castmates.

Tracy’s on the phone with her mom, who won’t talk to her about her sexuality. She doesn’t like it, but Tracy is comfortable about it otherwise. Also comfortable in camera wearing a bra and a towel on her head.

Rose likes going out and dating several women.

Whitney goes to The Betty with Sara and friend Taylor.

But then she sees a girl she has hooked up with recently.

“I should not multitask girls.” – Whitney.

Whitney’s BFF Scarlet: “She’s a polyamorous lover.”

This just in:

Rose has a girlfriend at home. Natalie is in bed with the dog when Rose rolls in.

At the premiere party:

Nikki and Jill are trying to figure out their wedding outfits.

“Wedding sexy?”

Marriage equality talk. Let’s make this happen. Speaking of married lesbians:

Tracy’s new gf has kids and baby mama drama.

10:27 Mikey’s job is the most fascinating to me. L.A. Fashion Week director, and she’s casting models right now.

Is Mikey more attractive with her sunglasses on? Who isn’t?

Mikey’s portion of the show reminds me of The Hills or Kell on Earth more than anything else right now.

Nicole Pacent and Bridget McManus at the premiere party.

My girlfriend on Mikey’s freak out: “That was f—–g intense!”

Whitney lives with several people, including her ex, and five dogs. They’re having a party.

Pumps and pants is the new butch and femme, according to Whitney. She is pants, FYI.

9:35 p.m. Rose’s family loves Natalie. They want her to settle down. I’m sure some viewers only agree with half of that statement.

Oh no — the pregnancy talk. PREGNANT LESBIANS ALREADY?

Confession: I am also crabby when hungry. I also get pissed when my girlfriend comes home and isn’t ready to cook for me. However, she is the pants and I’m the pumps.

Whitney doesn’t try to play games, but she likes a lot of women. She doesn’t want to be a player, but admits others might call her that. AKA player player, play on.

Mikey is the man. She wants to be Jillian Michaels and her girlfriend to be Jackie Warner. Doesn’t she know they broke up forever ago?

Nikki and Jill are talking with a wedding planner and Nikki is a little more into whipping out the checkbook for expensive elegance.

Rose and Natalie just showed up to the party.

On screen, though, they’re headed to Crown Bar.

Whitney is trying to holler at Tracy. Did they really just meet for the first time? “Wait, why is my camera guy following you, too?”

Whitney is ignoring Sara for Tracy! Sara is sitting right next to her. Ridic.

Whitney is putting her BS back on Sara. “You’re looking for a way out.” Sara wants to read Whitney’s mind. Here is what it says “Girls, girls, girls, girls, girls.”

Sex is happening to ridiculous Enya-type songs.

Natalie and Rose are getting it on, as are Sara and Whitney. Separate rooms. Their own places. Simultaneous orgasms..

“Lust is exciting, love is scary” – Whitney. I don’t care what it is, I wouldn’t want my walk of shame on camera.

10:54 p.m. Whitney says goodbye to Sara, who is headed back to San Francisco — and picks up another chick.

And with that, it’s done. It felt like it was all about Whitney this time, but I was more interested in Tracy and Mikey’s storylines. OK, I’m out of here. Now you can read Dara’s recap! Thanks for playing along!

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