“Nurse Jackie” mini-cap: Tap dancing


This is a recap. Spoilers abound. You have been warned.

The trouble with going on vacation to escape your problems is this: when you get back, the problems are waiting.

That’s what Jackie is facing in this week’s Nurse Jackie. And not only are her problems still around, they are about to get worse.

Jackie’s family getaway ended when Kevin learned that Jackie took Eleanor’s money after promising she wouldn’t. Jackie gives a heartfelt speech trying to explain, but Kevin is unmoved. He has reached the breaking point with Jackie — and doesn’t even know about her drug addiction. Yet.

Jackie accidentally left her keys in the door and Kevin notices an unfamiliar key. He doesn’t have to do much digging to discover it fits a P.O. Box.

Sure enough, a credit card bill listing even more pharmacy transactions is in the box. Busted.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Zoey and Lenny have what may be one of the best romantic moments in the history of TV.

That, my friends, is how to get a woman. Remember the duck sauce.

Jackie can no longer avoid Eleanor and their come-to-Jesus talk takes place, appropriately, in the chapel.

Eleanor let Jackie off the hook for the moment, but that’s about to change. Kevin calls and asks her to meet him. When he shows her the credit card statement, she is reluctant to get involved, but once El learns that Jackie has lied to her about Kevin agreeing to take money for the girls’ education, she realizes the seriousness of Jackie’s problem.

This week’s Moment of Gay also illustrates what a contradiction Jackie is. Sam, the recovering addict nurse who has been Jackie’s nemesis all season, goes on a bender because his girlfriend dumped him. Jackie comes to the rescue without a second thought. That’s the kind of thing that makes us root for her, despite her faults.

Sam needs to stay awake to keep from aspirating and Thor has the perfect solution.

Those tap dancing lessons that Edie and Stephen’s parents made them take finally paid off.

Thor also comes to the rescue when the drug dealer Jackie stole from shows up.

Nice tackle, Thor. And very butch.

Jackie’s very long day is about to get longer. A surprise awaits her at home.

I’d love to show you the whole scene, but as you know, the F-word is Jackie’s favorite adjective. Suffice it to say that Edie Falco nailed this scene, from beginning to end.

The season comes to a close with Jackie pondering her year (with Melissa Etheridge providing the soundtrack). I expected her to OD or something, but Nurse Jackie is never predictable.

Blow me away is more like it. Well done, Nurse Jackie creators; well done.

Your turn — give us your thoughts on the season finale of Nurse Jackie. How would you rate the season? Can Jackie’s loved ones make her go to rehab while she says no, no, no?

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