Olivia Munn is the newest correspondent on “The Daily Show”


Fanboy (and girl) favorite Olivia Munn could be the newest The Daily Show correspondent. The Attack of the Show co-host and hottie goofball appeared in her first segment on the comedy news show last Thursday.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress’ appearance was the start of a tryout for a spot on the popular satire show. She is expected to tape additional segments in coming weeks. Her debut was as “Senior Asian Correspondent” covering the impact of the oil spill on Vietnamese fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico.

Olivia certainly has the right stuff for the gig. Over the years she has made a name for herself as a goddess to the geeks by mixing sex appeal with a willingness to do almost anything for a laugh. Also, she looks great in costumes — really great.

If added full-time, she would be the second current female correspondent and only the fifth in the show’s history. She joins Samantha Bee, the show’s resident “sexy news bunny.” Now, I love Samantha, but I’d also love to see more of a female presence on the show. But it does represent a bit of a scheduling jam for Olivia. Her comedy Perfect Couples (with Christine Woods, who played a lesbian FBI agent on FlashForward) was picked up by NBC as a midseason replacement.

Well, here’s hoping Olivia makes it. Because I could do with a whole lot more segments like her Bionic Woman parody “Lesbionic Woman” on The Daily Show.

So, what do you think? Is Olivia ready for all the news that’s fit to make fun of?

UPDATE: Olivia’s Daily Show gig seems like a done deal. She spoke with Entertainment Weekly and about her new job.

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