Could an “Alias 2.0” be coming to a TV near you?


Does the world need another Sydney Bristow? Think about this while beholding the magnificence of Jennifer Garner with red hair and leather pants.

E! Online is reporting that ABC is in the very earliest stages of talks to reboot the superspy series. Apparently the network thinks fans might be, well, Lost without a J.J. Abrams show to follow and are considering bringing back his first successful action series.

In case you were wondering, no, there are no new ideas. Just be glad they’re not trying to reboot something truly awful like Knight Rider. Oh wait.

The show would “borrow some elements of the original series” but “most likely not include any sort of complex mythological throughline such as the Rambaldi prophecy (a storyline that lost some of the fans).” So, basically it would just be the running, shooting, wearing slinky cocktail dresses parts instead.

Of course, this is all extremely preliminary. Also, it seems odd that ABC would want to restart a series that’s only been off the air for four years. Plus Abrams has a new spy series already in the works: Undercovers for NBC. And the CW has is about to rebooted another spy franchise, Nikita with Maggie Q.

But I say the more super smart, super stealthy, super spy ladies on TV, the merrier. So what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? And what actress has the proper combination of girl-next-door meets lethal-killing-machine to fill Jennifer’s red wig?

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