A Chat With Rosie O’Donnell


Last January I argued in my column, Don’t Quote Me, that the rancorous situation between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell is not, as the media so innocently calls it, a “feud,” but rather a very public display of Trump’s misogyny and homophobia. Despite Trump’s many efforts to make O’Donnell look bad, all he did was make himself look worse. His eagerness to expose a side of his character that most people would try to hide proved that he not only lacks a mental edit function, but that he lacks a conscience, as well.

It’s been a few months since Trump made the worst of his remarks. So when I learned yesterday that he had emerged from his gold-plated sewer just long enough to share with Entertainment Tonight his insensitive views on O’Donnell and her methods of dealing with depression, I thought, “Yippee! Three more months of lesbian-bashing!”

Oh, no. I’m sorry. That was my Trumpified alter ego speaking from Insaneland. The real me fired off a passionate email to O’Donnell, requesting an interview. Although she doesn’t normally give interviews, she agreed to take a few questions by email, which she answered in typical blogworthy Rosie fashion.

AfterEllen.com: You haven’t agreed to an interview on the Donald Trump situation until now. What changed your mind?

Rosie O’Donnell: i don’t do interviews as i have a blog

u asked nicely 

so i said yes

AE: Why do you think that a man who has nothing valuable to say won’t shut up?

he is showing his true self

AE: Why do you think that the media is ignoring the deeper harm caused by Trump’s hurtful words?

no one takes him seriously

AE: I think Trump continues to bash you because he’s a homophobe and a misogynist. What do you think?

i think u r wise

AE: What bothers you most about what Trump has said?

2 many 2 choose

all he says = same same same

AE: The media continues to call your situation with Trump a “feud,” which is a ridiculously innocuous way to describe abuse. How do we teach people to stop treating each other so badly if we can’t admit we’re treating one another badly in the first place?

tabloids of all kinds love a feud

truth has been silenced — by the media — since 9/11 —

america is waking up — the art of distraction is making dt and me news

AE: How do you feel the gay community has treated you in the aftermath of these Trump statements?

again — no one really cares what he thinks or says

he is a rich guy’s son

all smoke and mirrors

AE: Is it true that GLAAD spoke to you about the Trump situation months ago, and that you told them to remain silent because of the publicity it would bring to Trump?

RO: they may have called my publicist 

they never spoke to me 

AE: How do you balance being a comedian and a very passionate social commentator? 

i say what i think

what is often obvious yet unspoken

AE: You’re very open on The View about being a lesbian; how have viewers responded?

RO: so far no issues really

i have some postings on my blog along the lines of 


AE: Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you about the rumors that you’re going to get your own talk show again in fall 2008. Are they true, and if so, what can you tell me about the format?

i have no plans to do my own show at the moment 


as a concept — the donahue show of the 80s appeals 2 me 

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